GMA Video Blog, Day 2

GMA Blog Day #2

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Day 2 was pretty great, with a liner session, great praise time (and smitty stopped by!) as well as some sweet street fighting. Take a gander!

GMA Video Blog, Day 1

GMA Blog…Day #1

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Hey, Ryan Vanasse here. The execs down there have been making these video blogs and posting them to myspace, and I thought you’d like them. Enjoy.

GMA Blog Day #1

What a crazy day… We arrived, we strolled around downtown Nashville, we saw Professor Funk. Saturday began with the coolest celebrity sighting of all time…

Check out our myspace at Video Blog number one is actually in our blog!!!!

GMA Week 2007

The crew in Nashville will be keeping in touch as the week progresses! Stay tuned for updates!