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iNRB Audio Awards

Students from WVOE have a long history of award winning work.  Each of the last several years, WVOE has taken home close to half the awards at the Intercollegiate National Religious Broadcasters Association Award Ceremony.

Last year WVOE took home 8 awards, that included two first, three second and three third-place awards; the year before that WVOE took home 7 awards, including two first place awards and the Best of the Competition Audio Award.

Thanks be to God for the work he is doing through these students.  Look at the wonderful things God has done and we are glad (Psalm 126:3). We are thrilled for them and hope the winners feel God's pleasure in their accomplishments.

This year’s awards winners were:

  • Radio Demo
    1st Place: Ryan Nissley:
  • Radio Promo
    1st Place: Ben Paulson
  • Radio Newscast
    2nd Place: Ben Paulson
  • Radio Drama
    2nd Place David Youso
  • Radio Newscast
    3rd Place: David Youso

Job Placement

WVOE students are finding jobs in the media industry. Here is a sampling of recent job placements

KTIS/Minneapolis (3 fulltime, 6 PT)

KSTP FM (KS95) (1)


KSTP- TV (2)

Fox Sports Net (2)

KFAN (1 part-time)

Minnesota Timberwolves Media (2 PT)

Philadelphia 76ers Media (1)

KNWC/Sioux Falls (1)

KNWS/Waterloo (1)

KFNW/Fargo (2)

KBHW/International Falls (1)

KTIG /Pequot Lakes (2)

KFML/Little Falls (1)

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (1)

Cameroon Christian Radio Network (1)

KAXL- Bakersfield, CA (1)

WWIB/Eau Claire (2)


WVOE students are finding internships are at major market media outlets and receiving valuable experience. These students receive high marks for their work ethic and professionalism.

K102/Minneapolis/St. Paul

KFAN/Minneapolis/St. Paul

KOOL 108/Minneapolis/St. Paul

KARE 11/Minneapolis/St. Paul

KSTP- FM/Minneapolis/St. Paul

KSTP- AM/Minneapolis/St. Paul

KSTP-TV/Minneapolis/St. Paul

Fox Sports Net/Minneapolis/St. Paul

KTIS AM/FM/Minneapolis/St. Paul

Focus on the Family/Colorado Springs

KNWC/Sioux Falls




GMA Experience

Each year WVOE sends nearly a dozen students to Nashville, TN to be a part of Gospel Music Week. These students assemble, produce and host a series of live broadcasts right from their hotel room! Students interview and interact with artists, industry leaders and KTIS station personnel. Most of the project involved setting up daily live broadcasts from the convention. The goal of the broadcast was to gain experience in remote broadcasts, build interview and production skills, and then entertain and inform listeners about the latest news in the Christian Music World. The GMA Experience radio programs contained interview segments, produced bits and brand new music obtained at the convention itself.

WVOE students have also had the privilege of covering the GMA Dove Awards for Associated Press.

97.7 Hours of Christmas

Imagine finding yourself in a new city, thousands of miles of from your own home. You’re unable to speak the language. You’re not certain how to get around. It’s no longer 80 degrees outside but Zero! Imagine that you’ve just escaped your country because you believe in Jesus. That’s what happened to hundreds of refugees from Myanmar who found themselves new residents of Roseville. These fellow Christians and neighbors needed help so senior Ryan “Goose” Nissley and WVOE wanted to reach out.

How could the station raise awareness for refugees of Myanmar?  In conjunction with World Relief Goose volunteered to spend 97.7 hours in the studio raising new clothing donation. He never left the studios for 97.7 hours. He ate and slept in the studios.

More than 200 people tuned in online, hundreds of donations poured in from local residents and listeners. Even with a signal of a power of a toaster, and through the power of Christ, WVOE was able to assist the tired and afraid Burmese families with welcome packages filled with clothing and other essential living items.

Radio Training Seminars in Belize

A team of six WVOE students joined Twin Cities radio station KTIS for a trip to Belize to conduct a series of radio seminars to better equip employees of the radio stations with their production and on-air performance techniques.

This cross-cultural trip provided a unique inside look at the culture of Belize, investigating how radio interacts with the Belizean citizens. Students interviewed many of those involved in Belize Christian Radio. They then examined their comments and offered analysis and summaries based on the growth of Christian Radio in Belize. They examined the current radio conditions and assumed the role of consultants to make recommendations for the future.