WVOE 97.7 FM

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History of WVOE

WVOE signed on the air on January 26, 1981, but since then the station has changed dramatically. Gone are the peg board walls and musty basement smell of The Old WVOE StudioNazareth Hall, but the spirit of its origins lives on.

While the broadcasting department has been around since the early days of KTIS, the broadcasting department didn’t start providing music until 1979. The station first beamed music into the cafeteria and when the dorms were opened in the 1980, KTIS engineers and Richard Long worked feverishly to place WVOE on “carrier current” AM radio system.. During the fall of 1980 the organization for WVOE was established and after a series of meetings with key members of the college administration, an The New WVOE Studios in the Mel Johnson Media Centeroperations staff was organized. During winter quarter the staff planned a program schedule and got everything ready to go on the air. WVOE’s first broadcast was the evening of January 26, 1981. At that time the AM system was only in the main residence hall. The system was expanded to include Moyer Hall in March of 1981.

WVOE began in 1981 and now 25 years later has moved into the beautiful state-of-the-art Mel Johnson Media Center- a building we share with KTIS radio. We are only limited by the level passion we have for the audio industry. Let us manage God's mercy.