WVOE 97.7 FM

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Radio Staff

altAny student at Northwestern College can be a part of WVOE. The majority of staff members are broadcasting and communication students, but students from any major are welcome!  The entire station is run by students, staffed by students, and everything heard on the air is created by students, with the guidance of the adivising professor.

However, as a member of WVOE, there are some basic expectations.  All staff members must be registered for RADIO WORKSHOP: EMC 1625, 2625, 3625 or 4625.

Since participation in Radio Workshop is voluntary, a commitment to WVOE is important.  There are certain responsibilities to be fulfilled for the station to achieve its objectives, such as attending certain department meetings, appearing for a scheduled show, and working to improve the station.

First time staff members are required to register for EMC 1625: Introduction to Radio Workshop.

altThis course covers the following aspects of WVOE and its operation:

  1. Training sessions for the equipment and how to be a staff member
  2. Practice equipment operations in the studios located in WVOE
  3. Observe or assist an experienced staff member during his/her shift until ready to run a show without assistance
  4. Attendance at all staff meetings
  5. Participation in one of the major departments (News, Programming, Music, Sports, Tech, etc.)


On–Air Announcers are involved with the music programming of the station.  The announcer is responsible for the condition of the studio while on duty. All technical failures and program irregularities are to be reported by the Announcer on duty.

The responsibilities of the Announcer include:

  1. Keeping accurate program logs while on-air
  2. Following all WVOE policies and rules laid out in this handbook
  3. Returning CD’s to their proper location after use
  4. Cleanliness of the station
  5. Attendance at all staff meetingsalt
  6. Reading of news as instructed by the program log
  7. Updating Studio Book with information on show
  8. Air-check session with Program Director or Faculty Advisor


Listening back to your show is a very valuable tool. It’s called air-checking. Students are required to sit down and have an air check session with your faculty advisor or program director.

Here are four typical questions students are asked:

  1. Were you prepared?
  2. Did you sound like this is worth listening to?
  3. Did you add value?
  4. Why did you do that? What was your goal?