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WVOE Events

Starfield in Concert



Starfield in Concert. With ArticleOne and Nicole Serano
Sunday, November 8th @ 6PM in Maranatha Hall Tickets: Free to Students with your student ID!


Upcoming Events at WVOE

There are more events coming from WVOE this fall: Another float in the NWC Homecoming parade on September 26th, Oktoasterfest with Satellites and Sirens in concert on October 27th, and Starfield in Concert on November 8th. More information coming soon!

Octoasterfeast a Huge Success!


Rachel and David with BensonWellsThe second annual Octoasterfeast was a smashing success. The student center was filled with students who took part in a toast toss and a toast decorating contest. David Youso took on Dr. Cureton in a impromptu presidential debate and BensonWells played a live acoustic show. Check back for pictures and sound clips from the whole evening. And stay tuned for more imformation about the next big WVOE event: the 97.7 Hours of Christmas.

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