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Students Return From GMA

After a major traffic jam on the trip down, switching hotel rooms several times, a couple trips to the emergency room, and a whole lot of fun, the students who went down to the 2009 GMA Music Week have arrived home safely.  While at GMA, the students had a chance, as students, to interact with industry professionals, connect with some of the artists we play on WVOE, and enjoy a great trip to Nashville.

Going to GMA as a student is a great experience.  WVOE is one of the only college radio stations represented at GMA.  This gives students a chance to stick out amongst the crowd and network with industry professionals.  There are many sessions that teach on-air staff how to be more compelling on the air and help radio stations to be stronger in their market.  Most importantly, we all can learn how to glorify Christ, and spread the gospel more effectively, through radio.

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And in case you needed video proof of the madness that was Nashville.... Here ya go!